The Future of Rochester Hills

I want to sincerely thank every single person who supported my campaign for Rochester Hills City Council. I am blown away by the unwavering support I have received and I will be forever appreciative for those who cast their vote for me.
I especially want to thank everybody who got involved in my campaign. If you ever knocked a door, dropped literature, did phone banks, sent emails, took a yard sign, put a bumper sticker on your car, donated, or even just mentioned me to your friends or family; thank you. It means a lot to me and really kept me motivated to continue to push forward.
A special thanks to:
Nick Sahu, my campaign manager who put in countless hours on this campaign. He truly was a great resource and we would not have come as close as we did without him.
Rahi Shah my communications director who did a fantastic job on social media, messaging, and all things communications.
Phil Berard, my brother and website guru who helped get the ball rolling on this campaign from the earliest stage.
Kelly Berard, my wonderful wife who was extremely helpful to this campaign and was very patient with the enormous time commitment.
And to the many others who supported my campaign throughout the process. Melanie Hartman, Barb Anness, Lisa Kiefer, Ravi Yalamanchi, Esha Kumblekere, Andrew Irons, Keisha Decastro, Richard Seeger, Marissa Wegmann, and Julie Frontera (my graphic design extraordinaire who crafted all of the mailers, ads, yard signs, etc.).
Also, my parents Bruce and Lisa Berard for their incredible support throughout this campaign and who braved the cold today to stand at the polls for their son outside of the elementary school and high school that I attended.
I want to congratulate my opponent, David Walker, on his victory and sincerely thank him for his service to the City of Rochester Hills. I wish him well in his next term as City Council Member At-Large. If nothing else, I hope this campaign demonstrated that two people who care deeply about this City can run a political campaign against each other, yet be cordial to each other, remain professional, communicate regularly, have good discussions, and focus on the merits of the issues. I am grateful that this was such a campaign.
If you have followed my campaign, you know that the City is at a turning point when it comes to overdevelopment and the loss of our green space. If nothing else, I hope my campaign helped renew this discussion. I had the opportunity to talk to many residents and, almost universally, people were most concerned with the pace of development in Rochester Hills. If this issue is important to you, then I encourage you to stay engaged, speak up at city council meetings, speak up at planning commission meetings, and write to your city council members. We have two main options to combat the trend we have seen: (1) strictly enforce zoning designations and ordinances, and (2) purchase natural area land to preserve it as green space. I think the City needs to hear from its residents about how they feel about this issue, and I hope that the results tonight reflect that there is a large number of residents who are concerned.
Again, thank you so much for your support for my campaign!
Matthew Berard
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