• Our city is being irreparably overdeveloped.
  • I will work hard to curb the over development of Rochester Hills by requiring strict adherence to:
    • Property Zoning Designations
    • Established Property Setbacks
    • Existing Law and Ordinances
  • Any new development should include specific plans to replace any trees taken down for building, where practical.  In other words, if a developer cuts down 10 trees, they need a plan to plant 10 trees within their development plan.
  • The City should not tolerate the continued erosion of our green spaces for the sake of profits.
  • I grew up in a Rochester Hills that was far less crowded than the Rochester Hills of today.  This unsustainable growth is the direct result of an insatiable appetite to add to the tax base by any means necessary, even if it forever means changing the character of our community.
  • I want to put a stop to over development and be fervently restrictive in approving new developments in undeveloped areas.
  • Purchase land for the purpose of preserving it as greenspace by using the millions that remain of the $10 million greenspace millage (passed by voters in 2005).
Roads –
  • Michigan cities are plagued with roads that are full of potholes, patchwork, and unsafe conditions. Rochester Hills is no different. Not nearly enough has been invested to ensure the safety and ride quality of our roads.
  • I believe that our roads and bridges need to be continuously maintained, rather than prolonging projects until it is too late when large-scale and highly disruptive work is needed. While some roads are “county roads,” there is more that can be done to work with the Road Commission for Oakland County and neighboring communities to ensure a smoother and safer commute for our residents.
  • I plan to work with local, county, state, and federal resources to seek funding for road projects in Rochester Hills that are overdue, pave existing dirt roads, and to resurface and re-curb neighborhood streets that are crumbling.
Electric Vehicles –
  • I will work to ensure that Rochester Hills has a plan to integrate charging stations at city properties and that new developments have charging stations.
Trails –
  • I believe our trails and pathways should not only be a source of recreation, but an integral part of our infrastructure that will allow residents to commute to work, visit our parks and shops, and reduce the congestion on our local roads.
  • Our trails should be accessible to all to maximize their potential. This means ensuring there is a safe and navigable path to our trails from city streets and connecting our trails and pathways to be functional and practical as valuable form of infrastructure.
Bicycle Lanes –
  • I support the integration of designated bicycle lanes on our roadways. New road projects should account for the need to add safe bicycle lanes.
Sewers/Water –
  • As our city ages, maintenance and repair costs to our sewer and water system will become more frequent and more costly. Being proactive will ensure that routine maintenance does not result in major projects that would affect the City’s bottom line.
  • New methods of sewer and water line repair can help minimize the impact of projects on neighborhoods and surrounding businesses.

  • The City of Rochester Hills has historically enjoyed top-notch police and fire services. We must continue to invest in these public services to ensure rapid response times and high-quality protection for our residents.
  • Being a safe city means far more than just crime rates, it means lower automobile accident rates, lower pedestrian accident rates, decreasing residential fire injuries and deaths, and preventing drunk driving.  While Rochester Hills once earned the title of “safest city,” in recent years, Rochester Hills has fallen off the list of safest cities in Michigan and America. As a City Councilperson, I would make it my goal to ensure that Rochester Hills returns to its status as the safest city in Michigan.
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